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Walking The Stones A Memorial Day Tribute By Stephen Craig Rowe


Spring sweet blooms


buds and



Sun warmed face.

Breaking my stride

To a slow march


Row and row of

White Stones

Row after row of

White Stones

Stark upon

Dark green


Afternoon lawn.


I walked the Stones

Reading inscriptions

Name, Rank,

Branch of Service,

Date of



With reverance

softly touched


Stones with

Hand and

In the center of the

Cemetary stands a

Stark white Stones


Late afternoon





Formaly marched around

the statue.

At each compass point

North, South, East and West

Stopped and faced the Stones.

Came to Attention

And saluted

The Silence

In Honor and


Then went

Walking the stones.


As ever be well.  With love,  Stephen Craig Rowe


Spring Rapture On The Ridge And Roses

Spring rain folds leaves on the ridge and winds cause some branches to bow, then snap back to wave in a thunder clap
and flash of light.
Roses twist and turn in winds, gain strength as new buds grow to form blooms.
Though I have been away
I am still here and there.
As ever be well
Stephen Craig Rowe

Rain on the ridge again by Stephen Craig Rowe

January 14, 2013 3 comments

Free And Alone. Painting Studio Poem by Stephen Craig Rowe

February 4, 2012 3 comments


This afternoon a rather large cat was walking on the internationally famous ridge behind my house.  Twice as large as a house cat and had stealth in each silent step.  Local feral cats keep to the yards and must be fed by neighbors.  They could not catch a bird or mouse, though they try.  The birds seem to lure the cat and flee just in time.  Then perch nearby and sing a chirp.  As though they had won.

Free and alone on a road going nowhere,
Head in the sky
Hands in the garden
Dreams wrap around

Reflections  in the wine. 
As ever be well,  Stephen Craig Rowe

Full Moon Fever by Stephen Craig Rowe

January 20, 2011 10 comments

Untitled Photo

Full moon fever pulls one in and out of the clouds as the moon herself remains hidden from view.  All but a faint glow is seen through the seemingly frozen dome of sky about to crack, shatter and shed shards of ice and snow from heaven to earth. 

Got the full moon fever.  Got the full moon fever.  Got the full moon fever.  Baby, baby, baby………got the Hong Kong flu for you! 

Kitchen windows frosted, dishes done and about to be put away.  Humming Got The Full Moon Fever as one does while composing a song or poem and the phone in shirt pocket rang an old time ring tone like a telephone.  Once, twice, not sure, singing Got The Full Moon Fever out loud to no one but the house plants and frosted kitchen windows.  Looked at the phone to see who the call was from and it was a number from Georgia so I took the call thinking it may be from a fine arts photographer lady friend and gave a smooth hello. 

The call was from Kandahar and my son and I laughed as we talked half a world away of this and that.  Father and son stuff, gladness in communication, goodwill, best wishes, be safe and things like that.  The call was through the United Service Organization and had a time limit but we had time to say all that must be said for now. 

After the dishes were done and put away I went out on the front porch and still could not see the moon through the frozen dome but I was singing, Got the full moon fever.  Got the full moon fever.  Got the full moon fever.  Baby, baby, baby got the full moon fever for you!

As ever be well.  Stephen Craig Rowe

PAINTING STUDIO On The Ridge by Stephen Craig Rowe

October 23, 2010 11 comments


The afternoon was crisp and bright so I took to the ridge behind the house and did some climbing to enjoy the turning.


Sun on colors caused some strong contrasts that were stunning. 


Though most of the wildflowers have passed there was a small patch of wild aster that was most pleasing.


Later in the day upon a walk I came upon a train and could not but think of our friend Rail Time John.


Was hoping to see the full moon  of October tonight but the day is dark and wet.  Maybe the night will provide a peek between the clouds that will allow a view.  As ever be well,  Stephen Craig Rowe

Tender Graces the novel by Kathryn Magendie

My dear friend Kathryn Magendie recently published her novel Tender Graces.  The novel, Tender Graces is due for release this spring.  I can not wait to have a copy of  Tender Graces in my hands and eyes.  The trailer is superb and the publisher created a remarkable production. 

The words, images and music cause me to feel the exquisit texture of Tender Graces.  As ever be well.  Stephen Craig Rowe

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