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Been A Good Long Time

The painting studio has been rather quiet for a good long time due to no fault but my own. There are times when quiet is not silence but rather a lack of words when life events occur so very fast that one neglects one platform for another. Or something like that. Perhaps I was just on a long walk and got distracted enough to forget my password. Smile. Anyway I am well, in good health still mad as a hatter and bursting with creative energy. Get ready for some new fine art oil paintings, photographs, poetry, and whatever I can brew to improve the betterment of all. As ever be well.

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Christmas 2014 does not look quite like this, yet we shall see what the season brings. Wish all a very Merry Christmas and as ever be well.

December 21, 2014 3 comments

PAINTING STUDIO UPDATE and Earth Hour plus 5th Annual Computer Surroundings Day!  Sunday Morning Snow

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Flying Monkeys Trip Around The World In A Flash With Comments By Stephen Craig Rowe

October 18, 2014 3 comments

The Flying Monkeys have been a bit silent for a time because of this and that.  Have been out and about, in and out and most curious, as flying monkeys are inclined to be.  They tend to stray free and alone, scratch poetry here and there while paint drys and canvas stretches to all horizons it seems as though there is a connection.  Poetry perhaps, fine art, or a desire to express a dash of light.  Light is most fond for those who see and take light within and without.  They walk free and never alone as the trees turn and leaves go fallen never forever alone and again.  And the Flying Monkeys shall fly again.  As ever be well.  Stephen Craig Rowe

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The night after 9/11

September 12, 2014 1 comment

I was working on a ship and took a break on deck. The night was cool and quiet with a damp sad sky. The river reflected faint light from clouds above. In those clouds I saw faces crying, screaming, dreaming and falling. Images twirling in the clouds one after another gasping, grasping, burning and falling with the towers. I was held in a profound moment of sadness and silence. As I am each and every September eleventh. As ever be well.

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My Personal Experience With The Veterans Administration

My primary health care provider for the past nine years or so has been the Veterans Administration Medical Clinic in Peoria, IL. The facility is up to date, efficient, spotless, and all appointments have been on time. The entire staff has been professional, courteous and respectful. I thank the Clerks, Volunteers, Nurses, Doctors, and Administrator for the highest quality of service. I also thank all at the VAMC in Danville, IL and the VAMC in Indianapolis, IN who have given me care, put up with my sense of humor and saved my life. Thank you for your service and as ever be well.

Walking The Stones A Memorial Day Tribute By Stephen Craig Rowe


Spring sweet blooms


buds and



Sun warmed face.

Breaking my stride

To a slow march


Row and row of

White Stones

Row after row of

White Stones

Stark upon

Dark green


Afternoon lawn.


I walked the Stones

Reading inscriptions

Name, Rank,

Branch of Service,

Date of



With reverance

softly touched


Stones with

Hand and

In the center of the

Cemetary stands a

Stark white Stones


Late afternoon





Formaly marched around

the statue.

At each compass point

North, South, East and West

Stopped and faced the Stones.

Came to Attention

And saluted

The Silence

In Honor and


Then went

Walking the stones.


As ever be well.  With love,  Stephen Craig Rowe

In Awe Of The August Moon

August 19, 2013 2 comments


Here there and back again the August moon captures the imagination with a wonder of where summer has gone.  Some roses wilt as others bloom in a turning.  The ridge is rich though some colors tend to fade a bit.  Some flowers give way.

And wave faded color at day rather like a banner of light and joy.

If I could only find the sunflower. 

Good night, God bless and as ever be well.  Stephen Craig Rowe

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